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QR Mine: we found a new logo

old and new logo in comparison
old and new logo

With QR Mine, the days of lost items are a thing of the past. Thanks to our innovative technology, you can quickly and easily find misplaced belongings by simply attaching our QR codes to your items. But how do you find us just as effortlessly in the digital world? The answer lies in our new logo with fresh colors. Read on to discover more about our journey of rebranding and gain insights into what it takes to craft a powerful logo.

The need for luck

Our previous logo resembled an orange radar with a potential magnifying glass and a blue handle. This symbolism aimed to visualize "Search and Find," which is the core concept of our business model. Unfortunately, we often heard from customers that they couldn't intuitively connect our logo with "Search & Find." In the era of social media, it's essential that our logo not only catches the eye but also tells a clear and compelling story.

We developed our new logo in collaboration with top designer Abdel Beniani. It showcases a simplified red and black ladybug. But why a ladybug? The ladybug isn't just an endearing creature; it also symbolizes luck. Luck is something everyone needs, particularly when it comes to lost items. The black spots on its red wings closely resemble the position markers in QR codes, which are also a vital and visible element of our technology. This flying QR code symbolizes our core product and the luck we aim to bring to our customers.

Dots Like a QR Code

a symbol for luck

The transition from Orange and Blue to Red and Black was not a random choice. Colors have a profound psychological impact, stirring emotions and associations. Red signifies passion, attention, and energy, while Black adds an elegant and timeless touch to our branding. Together, these colors create a robust visual identity that lingers in the minds of our customers.

While we've changed our colors and logo, the "Poppins" typeface remains unchanged. Poppins, with its geometric and modern form, seamlessly aligns with our brand and QR technology. Poppins has already taken root in the minds of our customers, and through continuity, it helps maintain the connection to QR Mine's previous identity.

Find the App

Logo der App auf Smartphone

From now on, you'll encounter our new lucky charm everywhere – on our homepage, social media channels, and, of course, in the app on your smartphones.

With our ladybug, you'll locate us and your app quickly and effortlessly in the future, just like your belongings that you hopefully never lose.

Concluding Thoughts

QR Mine's rebranding isn't merely a visual transformation; it's a pivotal step to ensure our customers can find and identify us more seamlessly. A good logo is more than just an image; it serves as a symbol of our identity, values, and commitment to our customers.

We hope you find our new visual identity as appealing as we do. It embodies what QR Mine stands for: the ease of rediscovery and the luck we aim to bring to you. Thank you for being part of this exhilarating journey!

Please leave a ladybug 🐞 or a few kind words in the comments if you like our new logo!


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