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QR mine

for those who "like" to lose, misplace or lend their stuff from time to time


Your digital lost & found office

Fast, easy and anonymous. Protect everything that is dear to you!

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Protect what
is important

It doesn't matter whether it's a lost key, notebook, umbrella or your child's jacket - QR Mine helps you to get your lost things back quickly.

lost airpods in the park

“The quality of the labels is very good, the idea is brilliant and the app is simple. This is how I wish for apps!” -

Digikai on Google


Here's how it works

free to install

Download and register in Google Play Store resp. App Store.

attach QR code to items

Order for 5 EUR only or print out for free.

finding lost items

Finders can easily tell where or how you get your valueables back.

founder and managing director

Faster than
every lost and found office

“QR codes have been on everyone’s lips since Corona, but they can do far more than has been seen before. We now want to raise their full potential for the benefit of all people, and as cheaply as possible! That's why there is QR Mine!” – Matthias Zorn
Founder and CEO

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5 Stars

in the App Store






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How it works

someone finds a lost key

The finder scans the QR code on the lost item


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does QR Mine work?
    It's very simple: You install the QR Mine app on your phone Use the app to buy QR code tags or stickers and Attach them to everything you hold dear. Best of all: You stay anonymous and safe. If you lose something, the finder can contact you via QR Mine so that you can get it back very quickly. You can find more tips & tricks in our blog, e.g. B. Use QR Mine for free, make followers, etc.
  • I found something. What should I do?
    Is there a QR code from QR Mine on it? Then scan it with your phone's photo app, click the link to open the browser, and write the owner a message in the browser on how to contact you, or give him the GPS data so he knows where he lost it (ideally including a photo of the area), Or drop off the item in a shop, hotel, etc. and tell them where and from which contact person they can pick it up. That's all; quick and easy for you, lucky for everyone who lost something.
  • Is QR Mine safe?
    Yes, we've made QR Mine totally secure: 100% GDPR compliant: Data is only hosted on servers in the EU and of course never passed on. Privacy by design: We only ask for data that is absolutely necessary for the operation. Anonymous QR codes: Your identity and address are protected. After all, we only want safe products!
  • Was ist so besonders an QR Mine?
    QR Mine is so special because we have only one goal: customer satisfaction! That's why we are much faster than any lost and found office (theoretically within 10 seconds) much more cost-effective than any GPS solutions (5 EUR for 45 small stickers, even free if you print them yourself) much more versatile than pre-made keychain products (fits on small SIM cards, IDs, notebooks, laptops, large suitcases, or even on your dog's collar) functions seamlessly worldwide (Finders only need a smartphone and an internet connection, available in both English and German) safeguard your personal data like your name or address (especially crucial for keys) 100% compliant with data protection regulations (GDPR, Privacy by Design) completely transparent (no ads, no data sharing, no involvement in finder's rewards)"


Our users

Our users love QR Mine!


10+ reviews

“I was so happy to have my bag back with my laptop and all... same day. Very good"

Mara Müller

Mara Mueller


Fast, easy and anonymous. Protect everything that is dear to you.

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